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Stationery Shop IKEDAYA

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  • ギャラリーのような文具店



    This project is a remodeling design of a small stationery shop. There is a large variety of goods in a stationery shop. Therefore, it tends to give a disorderly impression. It had been buried with a lot of shelves completely before this shop was remodeled. Then, it regenerated to the space like the gallery devising the display method. The shelf installed on the wall side is designed to display various sizes of the commodities by gradually changing the depth from the upper part toward under.

    We worked out the technique to change the image of the shop completely by modifying the minimum requirement.

  • 所在地 福井県福井市
    敷地面積 331.29m²
    建築面積 185.96m²
    延床面積 365.27m²
    構造 鉄筋コンクリート造

    『建築設計 福井』1994年9月号