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Structural Mesh

Structural Mesh

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  • 網状の構造体による現代のなまこ壁


    This architecture is the complex of Japanese liquor (sake) shop and two residences for two families who keep liquor shop. The distinctive feature of this architecture is a structural system. It snows a great deal in Fukui-city. The snow that we must consider on designing architecture is two meters deep. However, this is supported by very thin steel flat bar which are around of building. A size of flat bar is 36mm by 100mm. The flat bars are weaved as a diamond shape by welding. It becomes easy to do interior planning thanks to this structural system. And, it will be easy to change interior planning in the future because the interior space is free of columns. Another distinctive feature of this architecture is design process by simulation of natural ventilation.

    Japanese liquor shop is located in the ground floor. The shop interior is designed by using Japanese cedar frames. There is a Japanese lacquered pitch black bar where customers can drink sake as a sample before they buy. Floor color is Japanese red. Shelves are made of rusted steel plates.

    This architecture seems like a contemporary modern style, on the other hand, it includes Japanese traditional feeling.

  • 構造体が外周部にのみ設けられているため、複雑な要望を満たすためのプランニングが容易になるとともに、内部に余計な柱がないため、将来の間取り変更が簡単に行なえるという利点があります。自然エネルギーを有効に利用するための、気流シミュレーションを用いたデザイン手法も、もうひとつの特徴です。温度差のあるふたつのテラスを上下階に配することで建築内に空気の流れが生じ、自然換気が促進されるような計画としています。



  • 所在地 福井県福井市
    敷地面積 184.90m²
    建築面積 154.29m²
    延床面積 344.63m²
    構造 鉄骨造
    写真撮影 木田 勝久、F.A.D.S

    World Architecture Festival Award 2008
    Shopping Category [Shortlisted]
    『World Buildings Directory』– online